ISBN: 978-3-940558-43-5
Heiko Zahlmann
17 x 22 cm
136 Seiten
Deutsch, English

The book “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing (Being Alex Diamond)”, presents the latest works of the emerging artist Alex Diamond, who first appeared in the world of contemporary art in 2004 and since then made himself a name. However the person behind the pseudonym is still unknown to the public as Diamond has always been playing with the allures of total anonyminity and – since his humble beginning – always turned away from establishing an artist personality. These are the results of his project study entitled “Being Alex Diamond ”, an intensive discussion with himself about the questions that circle around issues of one’s own identity, the power of the ego, the generation of personality, social role models, and a sort of natural schizophrenia as well. Thus, in his first book, he reveals almost 40 artworks that do not only mix up photography and painting but also reality and fantasy. Diamond’s series of photopaintings exhibits the artist himself slipping into altering bodies, taking over different personalities and re-inventing himself over and over again. His face – however – always hidden behind Diamond’s trademark: The furry mask with all its tentacles…