ISBN: 978-3-940558-38-1
Vicious Gallery
14,8 x 21 cm
216 Seiten
Hardcover mit Leinenbezug
Deutsch / English

“Graffit or Street Art – call it what you like…“

At first glance, the book might seem like an ordinary, run-of-the-mill coffee-table graffiti book, but a second look will reveal a totally new facet: “Chapter 1″ is a minimalistic and pragmatic travel diary through the world of contemporary urban art – some like to label this ‘graffiti’ or ‘street art’. But the images in this book make it quite clear that such public art cannot easily be typecast and fit into a box, just as one of the artists states, “graffiti or street art – call it what you like – to me is only changing colours, changing places and changing circumstances.” And this book is the result of all these changes. Just as pragmatic as this quote is “Chapter 1″ itself: Except for an editorial text, there are no further explanations or interpretations. This grants maximum emphasis to photographic impressions that have been created in Hamburg, New York, Berlin and Sao Paulo from the 1990s to today. Abandoning any publicists’ accoutrements is absolutely intended, as it should be possible for the viewer to join in on a journey through the cities of the world without distraction and to discover the charm of the places photographed and to think intensely for themselves about the art shown.